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Immigration to Ontario, Canada

Immigration to Ontario in Canada offers the prospective immigrant the opportunity to enjoy an excellent standard of living, the benefits of a stable economy and superb infrastructure.

Immigrants are attracted to the province of Ontario due to its strong and diversified economy which offers opportunities in many kinds of work and industries.

The fastest growing area is business services, including information technology, finance, tourism and culture. In the north, the economy is mainly based on natural resources such as forests and minerals, while the south is Canada’s manufacturing heartland.

Whatever your reason for considering immigration to Ontario in Canada - there’s a lot on offer.

Immigration to Ontario - Options

For immigration to Ontario in Canada there are two potential immigration solutions to consider:
  1. Canadian Visa’s obtainable under the Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program
  2. Canadian Visas that are not tied to the Ontario Province

Canadian Visa's obtainable under the opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

The below categories apply to the Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program which assists immigrants in obtaining a Canadian Visa that is specific to the Ontario Province.

Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program applications can be made under the following categories

  • For those immigrants wishing to work on an employed basis applications can be made via the Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program in the following categories:
  • For students who have graduated, (or are graduating soon), from an Ontario post secondary learning institution.
  • For investors that require an immigrant worker to fulfil a skill shortage area.

Canadian immigration options which are not specific to the Ontario Province